Grasping the ever-increasing technology demand in the regional market in general and Vietnam in particular, Techmaster's appearance has marked a new step to keep pace with the pace of development of Vietnam's industry.

Techmaster is applying modern technology, enthusiastic and professional staff with the motto of creating a convenient service to satisfy the customers' needs from North to South.

In addition to conducting calibration services in place according to the needs of customers, our company also provides other utility services such as repair, consulting, surveys to help customers get the optimal way about their equipment needs at the lowest cost.

Techmaster's desire is to bring customers a perfect quality service. Let our company be honored as part of your company's success.



Calibration Laboratory of Techmaster Electronics Joint Stock Company is proud to be recognized according to international standards ISO / IEC 17025 by ANAB organization - one of the leading calibration laboratories of the United States.

Techmaster has the ability to calibrate in the following areas:

  • Calibration of electrical equipment
  • Calibration of mechanical equipment
  • Calibration of pressure equipment
  • Calibration of equipment in Chemistry laboratory
  • Calibration of high frequency equipment
  • Size calibration
  • Calibration of temperature equipment
  • And other devices



On-site calibration

Concerns about time, costs and risks in transporting equipment will be solved by our technical calibration at your factory.


In-laboratory calibration

With a laboratory that fully meets ISO / IEC 17025 standards, Techmaster provides calibration services at the laboratory with an on-site delivery team to serve customers in the most effective way for the equipment with strict requirements on environmental conditions.


Service quality

  • Automatic calibration software system is in use

  • Rehabilitation equipment returns to the standard if possible

  • Equipment are clean before and after calibration

  • Staff is always ready to assist customers

Online Certificate Storage

  • Online calibration certificate.

  • The system reminds automatic calibration deadlines.

  • Access data quickly and conveniently.


 Professional staff is an important factor for the success of Techmaster Electronic J.S.C with the goal of bringing the best value to customers.


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