Techmaster Company "Expanding The Industry" - Becomes A Genuine Distributor Of Milwaukee In Vietnam

Techmaster Company "Expanding The Industry" - Becomes A Genuine Distributor Of Milwaukee In Vietnam Blog
Techmaster has become genuine distributor of Milwaukee - Global famous brand for optimum durability and performance in the field of hand-tools, portable power tools, batteries Lithium-Ion technology., ... Ultimately, Techmaster has become Milwaukee's genuine distributor.


On March 2019 is the time to mark the milestone when Techmaster becoming the genuine distributor of the Milwaukee - the famous brand. 

Techmaster Electronic J.C.S has many years of experience in managing distribution chain, supporting positioning for many other famous brands, such as Hioki, PMS, Schneider. 

It is the understanding of the market and consumers in Vietnam that has helped Techmaster to gain high trust and become one of the most prestigious "Distribution Agents" of Milwaukee brand.

As a big and ancient brand from the United States, Milwaukee has affirmed its position in the global market by focusing on small details to make a big difference, bringing consumers' benefits as the top priority criterion. The production of tools - Milwaukee's mechanical hand-tool always applies high technologies, such as: Lithium-ion M12 ™ technology, M18 ™ & M28 ™ extends operating capacity; One Key technology shares data through fast wireless connections. 

Milwaukee products always have features, durability and powerful performance. This is consistent with the product selection criteria that Techmaster always aims to. In addition, the products that Techmaster distributes such as: mechanical tools, power tools, Mechanical power tools, Mechanical accessories, batteries Lithium-Ion with large capacity are included Milwaukee product catalog. 

Hand-tools distribution in Vietnam market has great growth potential, with the participation of well-known brands in the world, such as DeWalt, Stanley, Makita and products from China, second hand products. Many good quality products cannot reach consumers because must go to many intermediate steps, thereby affecting prestige and product prices.

With many years of experience as a distributor of a well-known equipment company in Vietnam, combining with the supply network in the North (Bac Ninh) and the South (Ho Chi Minh City), Techmaster - a genuine "Authorized Agent" of the Milwaukee brand, will bring to Vietnamese consumers genuine products with the best quality and good price.

From now on, Techmaster's customers will be able to meet most of the demands of hand-tools devices in the market, satisfied with the quality of genuine products standard warranty policy International - Customer care services are comprehensive.

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